The “Acta Pauli”, presumed to be a distinct composition, were deemed to have perished; but recently (1899) a Coptic papyrus MS., torn to shreds, was found in Egypt, and proves to contain approximately complete the identical Acts of Paul alluded to by a few ecclesiastical writers. (I) The Epistle of the Blessed Virgin to St. Ignatius Martyr fills but nine lines in the Fabricius edition of the apocrypha. In 1892 attention was called to Slavonic MSS. The translation of the remains of St. Thomas to Edessa in 232 may have furnished the inspiration for the composition. 28). It has been employed in various ways by early patristic writers, who have sometimes entirely lost sight of the etymology. The book purports to be a series of predictions delivered in written form to the safekeeping of Josue (Joshua) by Moses when the latter, in view of his approaching death, appointed Josue as his successor. The Testaments exist complete in Greek, Armenian, Latin, and Slavonic versions. There are tokens that the Christian element is a product of Gnosticism, and that our work is the same with that much in favor among several heretical sects under the name of the “Anabaticon”, or “Ascension of Isaias“. For more on the deuterocanonicals, see this article and this article from Catholic Answers Magazine. Solid evidence that the "Apocrypha" is actually canonized scripture - addressing Protestants and Evangelicals on the deuterocanonical books. Peter receives Paul at Rome with joy. A patriarchal origin is ascribed to the great Jewish feasts. Although in the Middle Ages these condemnations were forgotten and many of the pseudographic writings enjoyed a high degree of favor among both clerics and the laity, still we find superior minds, such as Alcuin, St. Bernard, St. Thomas Aquinas, pointing out their want of authority. Origen and Eusebius expressly name the prakeis Paulou; Tertullian speaks of writings falsely attributed to Paul: “Quod si Pauli perperam inscripta legunt.” He is cautioning his readers against the tale of Thecla preaching and baptizing herself. It presupposes the latter work, and could not have been composed before the middle of the fifth century. The prayer breathes a Christian spirit, and it is not entirely certain that it is really of Jewish origin. A comparison of the least extravagant of these productions with the real Gospels reveals the chasm separating them. There is a reply from Ignatius. In the first, lxxxiii-lxxxiv, is portrayed the dreadful visitation of the flood, about to fall upon the earth. Doubtless the author intermingled valuable Ephesian traditions with his fables. Lipsius, a high authority, is of the opinion that the Abgar correspondence goes back to the reign of the first Christian ruler of Edessa, Abgar IX (179-216), and that it was elicited by a desire to force a link uniting that epoch with the time of Christ. Criticism recognizes, scattered here and there, interpolations from a lost apocalypse, the Book of Noe. Origen remarks that St. Paul does not quote “from public writings but from a sacred book which is called Jannes and Mambres”. Catholics are sometimes puzzled when they hear their non-Catholic friends speaking of the "Apocrypha." This recounts a contest between three young Hebrews of the bodyguard of King Darius, each striving to formulate the wisest saying. This apocryphon abounds in absurdities and psychological impossibilities, and is a very weak piece of fiction written in Greek by an Alexandrian Jew, and probably designed to encourage its countrymen in the midst of persecutions. This is a myth that always comes up but is simple to answer. It is also incorporated in the ancient so-called Apostolic Constitutions. Jerome alone is positively unfavorable. Further information about some of them will be found at the end of articles on the above personages. The oldest of those published belongs to the twelfth century. Later, Third Machabees was admitted into the canon of the Greek Church, but seems never to have been known to the Latins. The author was a Pharisee, but one who, while adopting a distinctly Jewish view, was probably acquainted with the Christian Scriptures and freely laid them under contribution. “That version incorporated a number of works that later, non-Hellenis… The following is from another website (granted anti catholic) but just curious to know how catholics respond to these sorts of criticism etc regarding “errors” in the apocrypha: Problems in the Apocrypha When we look into the apocrypha itself, we find numerous problems. The patriarch is taken up through the seven heavens to the very throne of the Eternal. The Narrative of Joseph of Arimathea furnishing imaginary details of the two thieves crucified with Christ, and the begging of the body from Pilate, seems to have enjoyed popularity in the Middle Ages in the Byzantine East, judging from the number of Greek MSS. So also has the episode of the robbers Titus and Dumachus, into whose hands the Holy Family fell. The use of the singular, “Apocryphon”, is both legitimate and convenient, when referring to a single work. It is based on the canonical Gospels which it expands with legendary and imaginative elements, which are sometimes puerile or fantastic. The angelology is highly developed, but the writer disbelieved in the resurrection of the body. Eccl., IV, xxii).—Acts of St. Matthew. This is a collection of eighteen psalms composed in Hebrew, and, as is commonly agreed, by a Pharisee of Palestine, about the time of Pompey’s capture of Jerusalem, 63 B.C. While Christianity was struggling against the forces of Roman paganism, there was a natural tendency to dwell upon the part which a representative of the Roman Empire played in the supreme events of Our Lord’s life, and to shape the testimony of Pontius Pilate, the procurator of Judea, even at the cost of exaggeration and amplification, into a weapon of apologetic defense, making that official bear witness to the miracles, Crucifixion, and Resurrection of Christ. Pseudographic Acts of St. Andrew are noted by several early ecclesiastical writers, as in circulation among Gnostic and Manichaean sects.

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