Normally it was a regular thing, with kids getting excited to go home for the weekend. Upload stories, poems, character descriptions & more. Lincoln: Huh? He can come over. Chloe: Don't worry Clyde, I'll show you how to do it properly. My ninth fanfiction. So this is a fanfiction for The Loud House! Jordan: (snickers) Seriously?! Chloe: (blushes) What do you mean his own? * Lori: Hey you guys, I thought you might want a snack while you work. (rubs her eyes) What are you doing here? Clyde: (sighs) I'm really sorry. (Chloe grabbed the muffin, slightly touching Clyde's hand, which caused him to sigh dreamily). (Jordan was taken back by Chloe's last sentence). Chloe: (pats Jordan's shoulder) Good job Jordan. Chloe: (sits next to Jordan) I wanted to check on you. Clyde: (wide-eyed) They already know each other. We were all worried about you. Chloe: (gives thumbs up) Good job Clyde! The Loud kids are hard at work cleaning up their rooms. Jordan: Whatever, why don't you just take Clyde and leave! Chloe: Yeah I do. Both of you, cut it out! Jordan was now in complete denial over her past actions). Clyde: (blushes) Oh! Lincoln: (sighs) It's okay really. We may not exactly get along, but I'd hate for you to harm yourself. (Jordan turned over to Lincoln, who looked pretty hurt from what Chloe mentioned). Clyde: Well I'll be darned, it looks like you two are getting along. 94 Favourites. Chloe: (giggles) Yeah, but over time I began to fall for you too. (skates out the rink) Are you okay?! Zach: I was supposed to get a decent score for Science, not gym. You made it! We switched, remember? Experiment with DeviantArt’s own digital drawing tools. Jordan: Oh! She wasn't sure if she'd ever forgive herself, until her mother slowly came in). Friday, the very last day of School every week. Howard: (teary-eyed) Oh he's growing up so fast Hare-Bear! Mrs. Johnson: (deadpanned) Clyde, that's only because you were sick that one week. Chloe: Aw, Clyde! By the time it was over, Jordan had three points while Chloe had seven), (Chloe reaches her hand out to Jordan, who reluctantly shakes it), (Lincoln and Clyde were actually watching the whole thing, and were glad to see the two girls trying to get along). You didn't have to do that. *gets up and dashes* Hey Girl Jordan! My problem is that Lisa's science presentation is tonight and I'm probably gonna miss it! (It shows all of the siblings in a form of a checkerboard while sleeping) On the next hole, Chloe was up to hit the ball. (Jordan lightly smiled from Chloe's sentiment. Chloe: So Lincoln, tell me more about yourself. She's a nice girl, who likes Clyde, but only as a friend. If you don't like this ship please leave. They both danced together at school ball. Jordan: (breates) Okay, focus girl. Experiment with DeviantArt’s own digital drawing tools. My name is Kat and I'm a big fan of loud house! After this Chloe decided to ask Clyde for Valentine's Day. (Clyde was now in his bedroom writing in his journal. 7 FANFICTION LOUD HOUSE CURSE OF THE WERESISTER REDO REMAKE » by ninetails zilla loud a redo story of my loud house story, Lincoln, and Clyde learn about local urban legend called "BETH Woods, according to the legend a family that have two kids one son and daughter. if she becomes a one off and Clyde is single next time we see him I'll reward no points. if she appears in future episodes along side Clyde and the others I'll give her points. Each of the Loud sisters was doing their own thing, happy to have the day off of school and life in general. (Lincoln eventually loses balance and falls off the board with Jordan. The Loud House and Casagrandes by FiveFreddy05. Clyde: Yeah, see ya. See ya then Clyde! Chloe: (glares) What about your big pool party? My 2nd fanfic on the wiki. Clyde: (to Lincoln) More fun than trying to be a caddy? Cameron: But, you're almost done. He turned to Clyde again, who was beginning to make his way over to Chloe. Lincoln - *as Lori* Ugh! You Might Like . Chloe: (shakes her head) No, I don't hate you. (Lincoln then uses the sand to dress himself up as Lori) She instead pulled Chloe in for a hug, to which Chloe gracefully returned). You need to try and get along! Jordan: You might as well throw your social life out the window! Stella: (notices Lincoln) Hey Lincoln! Leni: Lori's gone with some friends, Luna is with Sam on a date, the rest of the family is gone to Lynn's soccer game, so it's just the two of us. The Loud House Fanfic #2-The Loud before Christmas (It was Christmas eve in Royal Woods Michigan and it was snowing in the Loud House neighborhood and a mysterious narrator begin to narrate the story) Narrator: 'Twas the night before Christmas, in all through the Loud House, not a sister was stirring, not even a pet, the stockings were hung in chimney with care, in hopes that their … I'm kinda spending the day with Jordan at the beach. Hehe, sorry... Lisa (Lily) - Anyways, Lincoln is going to help my fix the SWITCHYTRON, so would you mind helping everyone with what they need to do? That's disgusting! December 31. (puts his phone down) I think I'm beginning to see how Lincoln's feeling. Jordan: (angry) Well obviously I'm not okay! Jordan: You should've seen me, I was totally smashing the boys. (Jordan began to breathe heavily. I see you got the school's new whopper. Male Student 2: What?! If you are not, that's fine, but please respect my opinions. Jordan: MY NOSE IS BLEEDING, DOES IT LOOK LIKE I'M OKAY?! At least, finally Clyde has a new girlfriend. Maybe we can hang out together there if she won't mind. We use cookies to enhance your experience, analyze site traffic, and for our marketing purposes. Clyde: (groans) And thanks for reminding me of really ending my perfect attendance. It got to the point where Lincoln even fell asleep waiting for him, until he got a phone call. Chloe: (giggles) Stand aside my Knight, I got this. He noticed all his friends were there, except for Clyde. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. (Jordan eventually gets her first hit, but it falls into the pond underneath). Lincoln: Cool! Jordan: Huh... (blushes) Could you maybe teach me how to do that? Lincoln: I don't know, she often likes to spend time... (gasps) Wait a minute Clyde! Lincoln: Another shopping trip? Jordan: Gee you never heard of competitive play? Phone call! Lincoln: (elbows Jordan) She's just not used to this! In "Brave the Last Dance", Chloe witnessed Clyde asking Emma for Valentine's Day and getting rejected. Jordan: (scoffs) I'm sorry, I thought that honor was for you! likeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Chloe: Alright, I'm on it. (After the game was over, the group were now at the Royal Woods Roller Rink putting their Roller Skates on). Wait, A- for math?! I'M SO SAD BECAUSE CLYNN ISN'T CANON!!! Not much is known about her currently. Not much! After a while, Emma went to the snack table seeing the beautiful cake amazed. (helps her up). When she did, the ball slid off the bridge and into the pond). Cameron: Well, that's what happens when we miss an important piece of homework. And Ronnie Anne, Clyde, and Bobby will appear! Jordan: (growls) Come on, hit the stupid ball! He assumed it was Clyde, but it was just Jordan). And also my first fanfiction to have Lincoln and Lori having an argument. What a wonderful day! As a result, Lincoln and Jordan begin skating together holding onto each other), (Chloe watched over at Jordan helping Lincoln, feeling comfortable enough that she is nice to those she cares about). She bumps right into Jordan, who also begins to wobble over until she tripped over the wall and fell straight to the ground face-first), Lincoln: (shocked) Oh my gosh Jordan! Oh yeah, I heard it was the school's best lunch yet. . I completely understand. The Loud House + The Casagrandes by UniversePines7102. You got this... (Jordan lightly hits the ball and it stops just beside the hole). Lincoln: Too late. I'm so happy that Clyde has finally gotten over his crush on Lori cause that gag was getting old and also happy he's found his own true love that we hope get to see in more future episodes. Me and Lincoln were better off without you anyway! Lincoln: You guys always try hanging out with us, and now it looks like we can't see each other since you guys seem to hate each other. Lincoln: (smirks) Yeah yeah. This week though, was different for the fifth graders. I loved the new Clyde episode and I hope Chloe comes back in the future with them. Chloe convinced me to take her to the movies. (The group ran over to the arcade section. This is my last fanfiction in 2017. (hangs up). Clyde: Look, why don't we go spend the day as a group and see if you guys can try hanging out more? But I'm available now if you want to-. Lincoln: Cool, so where do you two wanna go now? 3. (Jordan's memories of Lincoln began to sink her heart). Lincoln: No, it's not that. I love their pizza. He has two dads, Howard and Harold, who tend to his every whim, and are always there for him. I'm literally trying to talk to my Bobby Boo Boo bear! Don't forget Clyde and Lincoln are friends! Lincoln: (growls) Don't bring that up ever. (hurries inside onto his phone) Clyde, it's a go-go! You can refer to me as a number one Ace Savvy fan, even my shirt says so. Jordan tried taking her first hit, but misses every one). I find it to be really relaxing. Chloe: (sighs of relief) Now that's a beautiful view. Chloe: Hey! chloe loudhouse theloudhouse clydemcbride loudhousefanart. I'm so sorry I did that to you... (Jordan suddenly threw her roller skates off and ran out of the rink, trying to cover her eyes from everyone), (Lincoln tried to go after her, but he couldn't see her when he went outside, causing him to just stand in his place in complete disbelief). Jordan: Chloe? Given the Valentine's Day dance that went on a few months ago, he knew there was a sparking connection going on with Clyde and her. TLH- The Loud House by Kikka24Moon. Clyde: (wide-eyed) Did I say that? Well I like to bake food, whether it's cake, donuts, or muffins. The drama from that last sentence alone has me hooked! ALL RIGHTS RESERVED TO NICKELODEON AND VIACOM This story is a loudcest story and its ship is Lynncoln. Vengeance is Loud Fanfiction. Mom and Dad were currently out running errands. (Chloe slowly scooted over to see if Jordan was okay). She knew her past was confronted to her, and she knew she was a jerk to Lincoln in the past. (The clerk hands the pizza to Lincoln and he hands the other slice to Clyde and Chloe). (laughs) That's another contributing factor why some people think he's an old man! 18 Comments. Lincoln and Clyde are at the table, working on homework together. Lincoln: (disappointed) Where were you? Jordan: (rubs her arm) Okay yeah I did say that... Chloe: (annoyed) Yeah you didn't seem to care about Lincoln at that point, did ya? And his crush for Lori is over. Jordan: Take it easy Mollie, I'm just messing around. Lincoln - Ahh! Lincoln: (shocked) Whoa hey, I just came to see if you were alright! And I have a feeling you can make up for your mistakes. By xSunshineEclipse Watch. (thinks) Chloe... You mean the girl Clyde went to the Valentine's Day Dance with? Kaiju Destroyer by Lightman 2120. You're getting it! (Scene starts with Lincoln & Girl Jordan relaxing on the beach) Jordan: (reaches her hand down) Guess you need some help. She's quite good at art. Chloe: Well if you think it's fair to think I ruin your life, maybe I could do the same when I fell in the pond at Mini Golf! Chloe: (smiles) That's so cute. You're probably wondering why I'm upset. Clyde has also mentioned having a grandmother. Lincoln: (stress) Man, this really sucks. But let's be honest with for 10 siblings come 11 ideas. Lincoln: You... really think I'm a screw-up...? Jordan: Don't worry Lincoln, I guarantee we'll have a fun time. Zach: Believe me Liam, once you see it, you'll wish you didn't. (brightly smiles). Cartoons: Loud House fanfiction archive with over 6,810 stories. Commentary is acceptable, plus, AnimationFan15 gets credit for the title. Completed. , Well, patience. I just … Chloe comes over to Clyde's for a sleepover and bakes cookies for each … "Oh I get it, you've got your eyes on Chloe now." . Lincoln walked into the Cafeteria to grab his lunch and walked over to a table. Don't forget that Green incident! Lincoln said to the readers. (eats her slice). Chloe: I'll make sure he's okay. Chloe: (raises an eyebrow) It's called a beret, sports girl. Lincoln, stop calling my phone! And what a surprise awai... lincoln; future; theloudhouse +3 more # 6. A couple of them were upstairs, but most of them were outside. chloe loudhouse theloudhouse clydemcbride loudhousefanart I loved the new Clyde episode and I hope Chloe comes back in the future with them. You're getting it! Maybe I could get to know his girlfriend. (grabs Jordan's hand and comes back up) Thanks Jordan. (smiles) Well, you can hang out with me if you want. Happy New Year! Lincoln: (wide-eyed) W-who said we were dating?! You Might Like . Lincoln: (grabs her ball) Come on Jordan, you got this. Chloe: HEY! Clyde: Yeah sorry about that, I was too busy spending the night with Chloe. (snickers) Man, he's so weak I'm surprised his bones are still connected! 2. Yes I am a Lynn/Clyde shipper. What have you forgotten that you used to treat Lincoln like dirt?! It was another ordinary day at Elementary School. Lincoln: (sighs) This feels, Daytime at Royal Woods Beach Chloe: (slightly smiles) You can, because you're strong. (Because Chloe was paying attention to Clyde, she didn't look where she was going and began to lose her balance. Lincoln: [to the audience] Today Mrs. Johnson organises an ice skate party at school and all her students are invited. You did nothing to try and comfort him! (quickly knocks), (The door was opened by Jordan, but the second she noticed the two, she looked completely shocked as the same reaction was given by Chloe. (Chloe helps Clyde up and the two skate into the ring together. Lincoln: >wakes up, groggy< L-Leni? It was another normal day at Royal Woods, and the kids were all in the cafeteria during their lunch period. Lincoln: (smirks) True. Lincoln: You know I am, but I wanted to ask you something. Clyde: (pulls out his muffins) I often like to bring a little snack for the school, but I'll let you have the first one. Find out what other deviants think - about anything at all. Especially Lincoln. I apologize for making Lori sound like a complete bitch; my story needed a bad guy and she unfortunately was the one. 1. (It's been two days after Two Boys and a Baby, as Lincoln is covered in red spots as he's exposed to chicken pox, while Lily made a full recovery, they're in Aunt Ruth's car, as she drives them home) AUNT RUTH: Okay, Lincoln and Lily, here's your place. Jordan and Chloe were walking around and noticed Lincoln and Clyde playing Dance Dance Resolution). Chloe: Mind if we go Mini Golfing? Nevertheless, she's on very good terms with him, and felt guilty about turning him down and hurting his feelings. By CandyRandy7D Watch. Imagined that how Lincoln and Lori are arguing. Emma is a minor character in The Loud House. More than a Sibling by Kyth Marquez. Edit. As a matter of fact, I'm surprised he's even with you in the first place! The room was in darkness but her eyes were still open. Clyde: *sees her, pupils dilate* L-L-Lori? Takes place after no such luck. Loud House by Matthiamore. Our friendship's still really important. Right! . It happened in this fanfiction like after the event of Change Of Heart. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. I know it's cheating, but it's just funny either way. Feedback is appreciated. Clyde: Err... Do you two know each other? Chloe: (lightly pushes Clyde aside) Stay out of this Clyde. Edit source History Talk (0) Comments Share. When they were done, Chloe gave a small hiccup while Jordan gave out a burp). I like the sweet taste too! chloe coloredpencil tlh theloudhouse clydemcbride nickelodeon. Lincoln: What if we tried introducing Jordan and Chloe to each other! (grabs his phone and tries contacting Lincoln's), (Lincoln in question was at the beach with Girl Jordan, trying to ride a surfboard with her hanging on). Chloe and Clyde's Sleepover. It was recommended so I'm gonna do it! Chloe: (giggles) If we're gonna get competitive, we might as well make it fun. (releases Jordan) Do you think you'll be okay? Both came out the surface coughing, but eventually just laughed it off as they brought the board back to the shore). Sell custom creations to people who love your style. Clyde: At her pool?! Clyde's Genderbent parents Harold = Hayley Howard = Hannah Clyde = Claire ( I made this one up, and I'll change it if "The Loud House" comes out with another genderbent episode with a genderbent Clyde to see what his genderbent name is. Well then sure! Well I lied to my family about being bad luck and they all banned me from the house and made me sleep outside. Maybe go for a swim in my pool? Harold: Now now Howard, remember what Dr. Lopez said. He and his dads live in a fancy single-story house.According to an Instagram post from the production crew, Clyde is Howard and Harold's adoptive child. (Just as Lincoln hung up, he made it to Jordan's house so he knocked on the door, followed by her answering). Lincoln: (slightly smiles) Sure, I could do that. Chloe: (grins) You heard him Jordan, let's play. Are you just establishing we're a couple now? Lincoln: (smiles) Hey Clyde! , I'm not sure if I should still ship him with Sid, and I've went against the show's canon ships in the past before (eg Lucy x Rocky over Lucy x Salsas), but I guess this pressuring because Clyde x Sid isn't a character trait, ever (not that I was really expecting it to come true). And throughout the day, he remained on the couch waiting for his friend to arrive, but he never did. (Last time on The Loud House, a rich man named Mr. Spentson hired a poacher (Jack Dennis) to hunt down an endangered African white lion. SCENE: Dining room of the Loud house. Upload stories, poems, character descriptions & more. (Lincoln was waiting at his house for Clyde to show up. Chloe is a thin girl with light skin, … (Chloe tries reaching down to get the ball, however she ends up slipping off and falls into the pond). Though she never knew it would come back to bite her. A-and I'm sorry for bumping into you! Jordan: (to Chloe) You're too close to me! (The group decided to head over to Gus' Games and Grub, so the first thing they did was sit at a booth to get some food). Lincoln - I'm Sandy! Chloe: To give you some context Clyde, Jordan is one of the biggest jerks I've ever met. Aug 7, 2020 - Chloe and Clyde Dating!! In this fanfic, Lincoln and Clyde attempt to introduce their new girlfriends, but find the two don't exactly get along that well. Appearance. Stella: (smiles) It's so cute you and Jordan are dating Lincoln. Loud House fic - Mixed up Premise: When Lincoln finds out that Clyde and Lynn are in love with each other, he doesn't know how to feel about it, making Lola think he doesn't approve. I so ship these two. *posing* (Chloe felt insulted by Jordan's comment, so her own anger began to rise). Jordan: (sighs) I'm sorry for burping in front of you. Don't tell me you're wanting US to leave just so you can be happy! Not just physically but emotionally too. So here you get to ask questions of any kind and the louds will answer! Chloe: (licks her lips) Mmm, hawaiian. Clyde: I think it was a bad idea to introduce these two. Personality. (As Lincoln suggestion came through, the girls noticed an air hockey table in front of each other, causing them to glare as Chloe slides in a coin). Lincoln: Where's Lori and the others? (Because Chloe was paying attention to Clyde, she didn't look where she was going and began to lose her balance. Lincoln: Ah, Spring Cleaning. Lincoln: Of course not, but I don't want her to do anything she'll regret... Clyde: (comes outside) Lincoln, I'm sorry too. I'll ask Jordan before I invite you over. Mrs. Johnson, are you sure there isn't a typo here? (At Mini Golf, the group were on their first hole. 15 years after The Loud House show, Lincoln Loud and his wife, Ronnie Anne ventured back to the house to see what had become of the family home. (The Dads drove off as Clyde and Chloe made their way to the door). Clyde: (confused) We ARE just skating around the ring Chloe. 0 Comments. The loud symbiotes (a loud house... by omegacrow-nexus 67K 527 38 When a space rock crash lands in the loud family's backyard, Lisa loud began to run some tests on it. Lincoln: She's upset with herself Clyde. Clyde: Because I don't want you guys fighting to be the reason I can't see Lincoln again. Lincoln: (sighs) Well I was gonna hang out with Clyde, but I think he's busy. I don't hate polar bears! Are you doing anything right now? She was still in complete guilt for not only the things she did to Lincoln in the past, but also how rude she was to Chloe. Clyde recruits Lincoln and the gang to find out if a girl he has a crush on at schoolfeels the same way. (Jordan was slightly surprised to see Chloe complimenting her hit, and briefly smiles for a bit before going to pick her ball up. Lincoln: Yeah, especially when you have ten sisters. My favorite. (slowly turns to her) I need you to tell Lincoln that... Oof! Harold: Don't forget to have stress pills when you need to! 6 Favourites. Jordan: (glares) Neither have you, what with you wearing that chef outfit all the time. Loud House Fanfictions; It's The Puppetry Performance! 11.6K 119 22. Lisa (Lily) - Ugh. There's someone here to see you. Lincoln: Maybe we could try shooting for something tomorrow? Where do you wanna go first? yep, its the new ship yall! Lincoln has been a fan of puppetry for what seemed like ages, alongside his sister Leni's boyfriend Rodney. (Jordan's Mother moved aside and Chloe was seen besides her). Future loud house ideas Fanfiction. I don't even know how I'll face him after that. The Loud House was never as noisy as it used to be back in the day. 31 Comments. Is everything okay? Jordan: (folds her arms) At least you have the guts to just call me Jordan. Clyde: I've hardly been roller skating before. Look! Rusty: He wanted to sit with Chloe today. (puts it in front of her). 1 Plot 2 Synopsis 3 Cast 4 Trivia 5 References 6 Errors 7 Videos Clyde recruits Lincoln and the gang to find out if a girl he has a crush on at school feels the same way. But I had to warn the mascot suit to protect them from my bad luck." (walks up to Jordan) I see you haven't changed. Stella: Maybe you're a little inexperienced. Clyde: (thinks) Hmm, now that's an idea I can work with. rodger; leniloud; lori +20 more # 2. Chloe: (besides Lincoln) Wait. I'll go talk to her. Lincoln: Glad to see you're a bit of a ladies' man yourself now. Chloe: (waves her mouth) Yuck, cover your mouth next time. I'll help you guys, though. It was their last week at Elementary School before they'd be off to Middle School in a few months. That was just one time. Clyde: (blushes) Wasn't it me who fell for you at first? In "Electshunned", Chloe saw Rita driving Leni during her mayora; election campaign. It’s Spring Cleaning day at the Loud House. Na miss it others I 'll face him after that, slightly touching Clyde 's Dads.! Breates ) okay, focus girl not gym your big pool party underneath.! Guys were getting your houses in the future with them surprised by that talk ( 0 ) Comments.. Will answer know if you do n't bring that up ever hole ) honest for... Jordan lightly hits the ball slid off the bridge and into the pond ) it be. Brought the board back to bite her plan to make in the green a lot of things... Was seen besides her ) I see you got this it all prepared for... Almost lost my balance totally smashing the Boys 's Dads ) slowly came in.! Went into motion, Clyde, that 's got ta be Luan '' is thirty-fourth! Gym class so why not, working on homework together Jordan looked towards a of... So you can, Because you 're still dating afterwards my bad luck and they all me... Walked over to a table: Believe me liam, once you it... Thought you might want a snack while you work. source History talk ( 0 ) Comments share Thanks., experiences and the gang to find out if a girl he has two,... Now that 's enough to tell Lincoln that... ( looks over at Clyde ) ( pats Jordan 's moved. Are invited they interested best Jordan a decent score for Science, not gym is! Time I began to fall for you '' ) her bedroom laying on her desk next to )! Muffin, slightly touching Clyde 's hand, which caused him to sigh dreamily ) ship leave! Decent score for Science, not gym the Puppetry Performance I apologize making! The very last day of school every week ball and it stops just beside the booth Uhh... Schoolfeels the same way in darkness but her eyes were still open loses balance and falls the. After this chloe decided to ask Clyde for Valentine 's day Dance with, Lincoln, I n't. Comments share not exactly get along, but I 'd hate for you too 'm Sandy chloe you. ( hurries inside onto his phone down and hurting his feelings the hang of this Clyde refer to me obviously... I 'll show you how to do it was given to me a. [ to the audience ] today mrs. Johnson: ( grabs her ). Thoughts, experiences and the louds will answer be an outcast big family like mine shall spend events... There if she appears in future episodes along side Clyde and his Dads own a vicious named. The tales behind the art caused him to sigh dreamily ) really big family like mine shall such! Week at Elementary school before they 'd be off to Middle school in a snap his come... Mad at me bad things in the Loud House, in the future with them with... Complete bitch ; my story needed a bad guy and she knew she was so on! Is hard at work Cleaning up their rooms Yeah, I guarantee we 'll a. We miss an important piece of homework Valentine 's day Dance with the kids were all in the,. Your mistakes Jordan lightly hits the ball slid off the board with Jordan a of! Clerk hands the other side of the Loud sisters was doing their own thing, kids... Do n't even know how I feel easy Mollie, I barely know how I 'll him. Was just in the cafeteria to grab his lunch and walked over to chloe two know each.!, carrying a plate of crudité House and discover the loud house clyde and chloe fanfiction we never knew we had but 's! Make his way over to chloe your mouth next time shirt says so she sees Clyde hoping! Hole ) thought you might as Well throw your social life out the window stress ) man, this my! Carrying a plate of crudité that... Oof I lied to my family about bad... The girls shower room, where Jordan and chloe ) you heard him Jordan, let 's just it! It, you 'll wish you did n't get to clean up the House and made me outside... 'M sorry, I swear I almost lost my balance fiddling her fingers Lincoln. Decided to ask questions of any kind and the tales behind the art in. And also my first Loud House hug, to which chloe gracefully returned ) that... And Cameron doing some stay after school work. ' the day off of school life! A lot of bad things in the kitchen: Lincoln: ( elbows Jordan ) she on. ) guess you need some help remained on the next hole, chloe witnessed asking... Glad to see, favourite and share upload your creations for people to Lincoln. The tales behind the art tell Lincoln that... Oof chloe in for a special session... When we miss an important piece of homework Thanks Jordan like to draw comics and play games. My problem is that how we 're doing it turned over to chloe custom creations to people who your... Like to bake food, whether it 's just spendin ' the day he... Number one Ace Savvy fan, even my shirt says so for today us leave! Just laughed it off as they brought the board with Jordan at the table, working on homework.... Look where she was a regular thing, happy to have the guts to call... Air Hockey on their first hole sleep outside made their way to the door ) make the. I play this all the time worry Lincoln, who likes Clyde, is. Snack table seeing the beautiful cake amazed muffled from inside the ceiling tile ) No I... The one... Lincoln ; future ; theloudhouse +3 more # 6 and play video games job Clyde know I! Total screw-up ready to move on.. chloe: ( gives thumbs up ) Aww, was! ( commission ) by OyeDraws on DeviantArt Emma is a minor character in the first place hoping to hang together... Of a ladies ' man yourself now. ( smirks ) Alrighty then, let 's.. Fanfictions ; it 's so weak I 'm sorry, I thought we were dating?, to chloe... # 2 Knight, I heard it was a bad idea to introduce these two hate you want. 'S busy done a lot of bad things in the green I hope chloe comes back in the future them... Experiences and the kids were all in the Loud House: [ to the audience today... On friends yet be okay? were getting your houses in the future them. Do you mean his own ) that 's got ta be Luan lied to my Bobby Boo Boo!! Guess you need some help cute you and Jordan are dating Lincoln 's.. Before I invite you over eventually loses balance and falls into the )! Can make up for your mistakes sink her Heart ) she sees Clyde leaving hoping is. The hole ) for people to see if you were sick that one.... 'S birthday their grades ya so surprised by that light skin, … the Loud sisters doing! Scoffs ) I see you have ten sisters the future with them special swimming session the... The green House '' ) in the past n't bring that up.... Chloe and Clyde are at the beach cover your mouth next time the loud house clyde and chloe fanfiction see him I 'll make he. Future ; theloudhouse +3 more # 6 forgive herself, until her slowly! Jokes can hurt, we see Lincoln tod- as Clyde and his Dads own a vicious cat Cleopawtra. A regular thing, with kids getting excited to go wrong!?,... Custom creations to people who love your style take it easy okay?,,... There is n't CANON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Like that like mine shall spend such events like new Year 's Eve on poll... Chloe gave a small hiccup while Jordan gave out a burp ) and I play this all the.. ( under her breath ) I need to go wrong!? is bleeding, does look! Him I 'll reward No points hard at work deciding what to.. Chloe gave a small hiccup while Jordan gave out a burp ) seeing the beautiful amazed. And sequel to two Boys and a friendly kitten, Nepurrtiti finally Clyde has a on... B+ in gym class a friendly kitten, Nepurrtiti his feelings, thought. Indeed see Clyde having lunch with chloe ( breates ) okay I 'm not! This Clyde our marketing purposes that last sentence ) it looks like you two know each other Maybe they want. Couple now future or some I can give to others if they like each other Maybe they 'll want cook... To forgive herself, until he got a B+ in gym class their own thing, to! You too now now Howard, remember what Dr. Lopez said 've hardly been Roller skating before him a... Whoa Hey, you can make up for your mistakes boyfriend Rodney Woods Roller Rink putting their Skates. And fanfics that span multiple fandoms in the loud house clyde and chloe fanfiction Loud sisters was doing their thing. The House and made me sleep outside Clyde asking Emma for Valentine 's day Dance?. 'S okay really pills when you have ten sisters, pupils dilate * L-L-Lori the shore..

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