It wrecked two lighters, mine and my son’s, and when we tested it, would not burn. Remember Pickletown? I’ve done my research. All of these are standard on a rural homestead, and except for the boots, we have many spares. A candle in a jar can also be knocked over, but if placed away from flammable things, it’s probably not going to set the house, or the BOL, or the forest, on fire! I’d rather have the bigger, better, nastier weapons than anyone else in a post-collapse world. Oil-burning Lamps – A good oil-burning lamp will work off of just about any flammable liquid, providing you with light. You’ll quickly become the most popular person in the area, and I don’t mean you’ll be getting all the tea party invitations. Once you have taken these considerations into account, you can now begin to build up your stockpile with the right foods for your family. We do a fair amount of canning, so we have in stock right now about 200 dozen regular size lids and 500 dozen wide mouth. Just head to your local dollar store and you can find all of these crucial You require the Potassium Io where you are. We have several gallons of 151 and 190 proof PGA as well as some 86 proof dark rum. Stock up on first-aid supplies like dressings and rubbing alcohol. it’s the easiest means of purifying water. Seed Getting prepared for disasters is a multi-step process. niio. You need to use 35% food grade which can be obtained from almost any health food store and it will have a 100% kill rate on bacteria in your water which give your water a very long shelf life. They’re supposed to last 27+ times. As long as you are properly rotating your stockpile, using the oldest drinks as you add new ones, you should be able to accumulate enough to supplement your water supply for at least six months once grocery stores and other retail resources are unavailable. Fish antibiotics, good and cheap, but antibiotic use without lab tests is a crap shoot, maybe the one you’re using will help, maybe not. Hygiene products aren’t just nice to have, they are vital when disaster strikes and running water and clean bathrooms are a thing of the past. For personal hygiene, keeping a stockpile of feminine items such as tampons and sanitary pads will be a must. Low acid foods that are not pressure canned may allow the Clostridium Botulinum bacteria to develop, releasing their waste toxin that causes botulism. In case of a nuclear exchange, how soon will it be safe to eat all these foods? I simply stated that I had used many cans of it for years, and for my purposes, it has always worked fine. Since the accident at Fukushima, how do you know anything from the sea is safe? Hygiene isn’t just a matter of smelling nice while you wait out a disaster. You better believe he’ll be pressured to keep his family supplied with feminine hygiene products for as long as possible. I didn’t think of that, but we’re solar, anyway. Iodized salt? For this reason, bleach manufactured and purchased midsummer, contains more hypochlorite solution, to ensure it remains strong enough when purchased after sitting in a warehouse and on the store shelves. To be continued. Rotate your supplies to avoid spoilage. Shopping for non-food stockpile items is much like shopping for your grocery stockpile. Clothing is more valuable than many people realize. There are potential replacements; but, none are pretty. It’s high in Omega-3 fatty acids and protein both of which the human body will need in a SHTF situation. Red, It is pure grain alcohol or ethanol. LOL, Plain old soap will work for the body, the hair, and even shaving. I assume you mean ”manual” hand tools, although I have some great Ryobi ONE+ battery powered versions and ways to charge the batteries. Sometimes we’ll get packets that were originally between $1-2 for as little as 15-20 cents. The best is oil, of any sort; but if you have something else, they’ll burn that too. Instead, I let them charge up all day tied to fence posts about four feet high, and then leave them there to light the driveway at night. Talk about brainwashed! Female Hygiene Items. if you’re going to preserve food in a post-disaster world, you’d a better plan on having plenty of salt on hand. We always have at least one roll of cotton butchers cord. Well, I guess I will jump in here. Coleman fuel. Love this article which could be titled “Okay, you’ve got the water, food and BOB-What’s next?”. Allergies, bad news. Adding to this, kerosine has a strong odor. And what’s “a dollar” anyway? People keep the Mossy even when it wears out because the light is good for weeks more. I also have used propane cans on my lanterns and camp stoves that have been in the shed for years. The average can survive up to 7 days without water. Climate, physical fitness, and other factors will determine each person’s limit, but that’s not what I want to talk about. Even after cleaned out and refilled with good gas, it never worked right. How is made clear in this particular article, though there are some excellent further suggestions made by readers in the comments’ section of this post. It can decay, or impurities can get in. If you want to stockpile gold and silver chains in the hope that each little link might be worth something when SHTF, go right ahead. Be prepared for more than scraped knees and cut fingers; be prepared for treating major injuries. Why it smells bad They have never let me down. We’re using ones my grandmother gave to my mother 50 years ago. Wind is too chancy here, and in the valley, no one uses windmills any more. Even if you don’t have access to electricity, you can still use a cool, dry, and dark place of your house to store fresh food to last for a considerably long time. An Emergency Well Tube ( allows you to maintain access to your well water and can be used without having to remove the components from the inside well casing. Iodine, barely few drops, can purify a gallon. Liquid iodine can dry out, but the mineral is still good, but it’s very water soluble. Chlorine bleach can be deadly if mixed with other chemicals such as ammonia. Outerwear – Clothes appropriate to the season give you protection from the elements. Fish Antibiotics. Fishing Gear Volunteer amaranth, a domesticated grain type, came up all over with the rains. My personal theory is that if SHTF, there will be a timeline during which different things have different value. Aluminum foil has dozens of usess. Butane is a hydrocarbon. link to How to Start a Fire with a Battery and Steel Wool, link to Why Preppers Should Carry Lipstick: 15 Great Survival Uses, this freeze-dried emergency meat supply (amazon link), supermarket items with the longest shelflife here. So here goes: the ultimate list of the best SHTF barter items. Meat is so incredibly difficult to have a longlasting shelf-stable supply of, but this freeze-dried meat tastes awesome and lasts a crazy long time (15 years). There’s just one problem with it, I have yet to meet a fisherman who doesn’t lose hooks, lures and other gear on a regular basis. So, sounds like after the rolling boil starts, three “Skater’s Waltz”es should do it. Hunting, fishing, gardening, animal husbandry, carpentry, foraging, welding—these are all skills that people will pay anything for. You can purchase these or make your own by dipping in paraffin. Japan did, all the Rim nations did, and it’s still there. Even though it is not considered one of the top three survival needs, it is useful for all three of them. I personally like the mini sawyer water filters good for 10000 gallons. Mix with rye and he had rockin’ rye. We’ve also listed the 101 items we personally stockpile in our home. If you don’t use it yourself, you can use it as barter goods, getting things that you need. Stockpile these tiny treasures and you’ll be swimming in more barter offers than you’ll know what to do with. They help you turn water from lakes and streams into potable drinking. As we have several mountain ranges between us and the closest military installation (Mothan AFB), and prevailing winds cut away from us, I’m more concerned with medical. Just plain old newspaper, twisted into a taper can act as a fire accelerant. Many preppers are planning on heating their homes and cook with a wood fire in a post-disaster world; but few have enough firewood to do that. If the bombs are big enough, we can expect earthquakes across the state. Red, Everything interests me. There are superior grades recommended by pipe-and-cigar sites. Some of those hand cleaners are alcohol based, so you may need a moisturizer to keep from getting chapped skin. Just add 8 drops of standard (non-scented, non-color safe) bleach to a gallon of water, stir it and allow it to sit for 20 minutes. Here in the PDRK we used to be able to buy it when there was still an opposition party in Krazymento, but since the dimokrats took complete control they didn’t want their subjects drinking that high octane alcohol — okay to smoke dope, but no, no to useful ethanol. You gotta think out of the box. We purchase the Zip Top bags by the case and keep the plastic shopping bags for other uses. Fish, deer, beef, pork, chicken are all great to cook for three five or eight hours or more if it is a big piece of brisquette. I would like to see the Mossy Oak versions with the added light. When society collapses, government currency will be worthless. With respect. How long will your stores be open after SHFT? Herbs and spices often have a shorter shelf life, but even when they start to lose flavor and freshness, people won’t care. Make sure you print out information on dosages and to tell you which antibiotics are the best to use in different situations. It will be mostly carbohydrates and fats, with a little bit of protein thrown in. Given the high likelihood of this, it’s worth starting to stockpile SHTF bartering items now. Consider stocking up on almost butter or sunbutter made from sunflower seeds that are also great for long-term storage. Just try it outside first, to make sure it’s not going to blow up the lamp. their well pumps are great. They have the Piezo igniter instead of the “flint” that is actually a small ferrocerium rod, so with no consumables other than the butane, should provide a long service life. Good idea to be ready to deal with them and keep them off your body. All I’m saying is, buy quality because quality is much cheaper in the long run. People always need coats, jeans, socks, and gloves, especially when the grid goes down and it starts to get cold outside. There is a not well thought out minor campaign against using bleach in the home, maybe Gwyneth Paltrow is behind it considering her ideas on steam cleaning, which works well with greasy engines. I keep plenty of flints, fluid, and replacement wicks. Rather, you need to have items or skills on hand that you can use to barter with others for your essentials. Two cousins, retired now, bought into a community in the Appalachian mountains west of District of Criminals, deep in a rural area. niio. Iodine is a very necessary micronutrient. In fact, canned salmon also contains a good amount of calcium if you eat the soft bones. Food, Spices & more check out With antibiotics being less and less effective, nano silver is hard to beat for viruses, bad bacteria, fungus, and most parasites.Jim Humbles’ book to make MSM is priceless. For that matter, they’re found maize in 1,000 year old granaries that was still good. I’m not about to barter away my weapons or ammo. Stocking batteries, especially AA and AAA sizes, will make your life in a post-disaster world much better. We mark everything, and had a jug over 5 years old that was still good. I have a Silverado that fits me just fine. However, much you think you need, try to stockpile more; lots more. Stockpiling necessary supplies is at the very core of prepping. Below is a detailed shopping list of 80 items to get while the getting is good on that last trip to the supermarket. Very few people will be able to turn them into usable materials, and most people wouldn’t want to waste the resources needed to process them anyway. Several years ago in the PDRK I managed to buy a bottle of 180 proof rum which is 90% alcohol but it is no longer available here. No joke; honey can literally last longer than you can. That’s why you get that little pile of ash & clay when they are done. Just be sure to dispose of them safely so they aren’t dug up by animals or provide a breeding ground for pathogens. Here are the best SHTF bartering items to give you a leg up on your competition and help you make the most of the next apocalypse, disaster, or economic collapse. If the bombs are big enough, we can expect earthquakes across the state. Our primary fuel is propane and we have capacity to store 3200 gallons on hand in our interconnected tanks (e.g. They aren’t just carrying human-feces raised veggies and heroin, but humans. Tools of all kinds should have a place in your bartering stash. This article from the CDC gives some good advice on the use of chlorine bleach. Food, Gear, Supplies. Prescription Medicines – If you have family members that need maintenance doses of prescription medicines for chronic conditions, you need to have a stock of those on hand for them. It’s my profession. No need for a bucket toilet since we have a good septic system; but, having pieces around for such a thing is probably a good idea. I don’t do cheap, I research. How many pounds would you need to make it over several years? For non-narcotic medications look at the link above or simply ask your doctor for additional refills of scripts you use. Most of the world will, and right now S. Africa is being squeezed by China. It tends to lose its potency pretty quickly. They never fail! Do you have a crosscut saw? Leather and Leather Stitching Supplies – Our ancestors used leather for a wide variety of things, like making shoes and harnesses. Click Here To See The Comments Prepare items to stockpile for emergencies or a disaster to avoid panic buying or hoarding at the last minute! Lids used more than once can leak chemicals into the food, which is why they’re only guaranteed for one use. I have no clue why you feel the need to defend that can of gas, but I do uphold you on it. Do your research. From bug lights to water heaters and well pumps. The amount of iodine required is miniscule, so any of these will easily cover the bodies requirements. If you get dirty, then it can become a serious health risk. Actually bleach does not last for decades and will degrade significantly within 6 month, becoming about 20% less effective each year after that. Batteries – Ok, batteries aren’t really a survival necessity; but we’ve got lots of things we use every day, which are battery operated. It takes four to six cords of firewood to heat a home through the winter. Are you talking about one of these TurboBlue Multi Purpose Butane Torch Stick from Rural King? Paraffin oil (lamp oil) or paraffin or beeswax works well here, as does Chapstick or petroleum jelly. This innocuous, everyday Iodine, because even with all the fail-safes retirees from USAMRID are using, they know better than to simply think they’re safe just because. Gardening Chemicals and Fertilizer – There are a number of common chemicals used for gardening, as well as common fertilizers. I told you several times, I do research. I did NOT want to say anything about the other posts because I like to read what you write; you have something uncommon, common sense. There are many schools of thought on what should be stock piled in the event of a disaster or prolonged period of social disruption or societal collapse. Lime is used in outhouses to help keep the odors down, as well as reducing the population of insects. I also have used propane cans on my lanterns and camp stoves that have been in the shed for years. Chlorine Bleach degrades quickly, so it’s better to have sodium hypochlorite (pool shock) and make your own as needed. Medical supplies get the third spot on my list because every person will eventually be injured or fall ill. #25 Supply to hoard: Water purification tablets Water purification tablets work against bacteria, fungi, protozoa, viruses and other harmful pathogens, so you can stay hydrated and not get ill from these microorganisms. Checklists To Get Organized. I’ve even used them for light welding. Knowing what things to stockpile for economic collapse or a natural disaster is essential to the prepper lifestyle, because once a SHTF situation comes around, getting your hands on items that you rely on each and every day is going to be a … Condoms. Ronson is not known for a quality product. Save some room in your stash for bandages, gauze pads, medical tape, alcohol wipes, and examination gloves. If for nothing more than shoe & boot repair. Do your research. Now I stick with Mossy Oak, 50 for 40 bucks, and they last quite a long time. For distillation you need to open boil the water first to drive off any VOC’s with a lower vapor pressure than water, to prevent concentrating those potentially toxic substances. Condoms, because let’s be real: Nobody wants a pregnancy or a new baby in the middle of a disaster. This article will save me a lot of time talking about it. How to Start a Fire with a Battery and Steel Wool. Personal Hygiene Supplies – While we’re talking about TP, we don’t want to forget things like soap, toothpaste, and shampoo. Best Charcoal Briquettes – Buying Guide and 7 Top Products for 2019 The only way to safely can any foods is high enough acidity, pH < 4.6 to inhibit the growth of the Clostridium Botulinum and keep it from excreting it’s toxin, or pressure canning to raise the temperature high enough (240° for 10 minutes) to kill the spore based bacteria. Lighters and matches are very cheap and take up little space, thus making them one of the best cheap prepping items to stockpile. Think big picture. Do you have a recommendation for a source of homemade medicinals? My common sense comes I think from a lack of ego, since as an engineer you cannot have your feelings hurt when you have failures, and we all have them. A few yards of wicking doesn’t cost all that much and it will allow you to make your own candles. Forgot to add, medical personnel in the family are stocked on Russian iodine (brown io). Now, go spend your soon-to-be-worthless dollars on items that’ll actually be worth a damn when society crumbles! I have canisters of both that are years old and still work fine. I keep plenty of flints, fluid, and replacement wicks. To me, they’re worthless—you can’t eat them, build with them, or use them as tools. But stockpiling food isn’t all there is to be ready for a disaster. Salt – Salt is not only essential for survival, it’s nature’s number one food preservative. Waterproof Matches – The waterproof match is the standard fire starter for use in a survival situation. This is a major why we’re encouraged to stock cases of bleach. Proper Packaging. I prefer making mine in spaghetti sauce jars and using multiple wicks. Nut butters. It has countless uses and can last for years without degrading if you store it properly. You may also use a chlorine test kit like those used for swimming pools if you know the appropriate level. Pest Control – Speaking of dealing with insects, it’s a good idea to be able to kill them too, as well as trapping mice and other pests. niio. Stockpiling necessary supplies is at the very core of prepping. It’s not the butane that decays; but, the plastic of the lighter. Post-SHFT, where will you get kelp from in Ohio? Then what? Now, mix 2 teaspoons of the made solution to 1 gallon of dirty water. For personal hygiene, keeping a stockpile of feminine items such as tampons and sanitary pads will be a must. Our shared passion for Cuban cigars brings us together, but it is the community you’ll find on arrival that keeps this watering hole plentiful, varied, fun, interesting, and vital. Disposable Butane Lighters There are so many items that one can use as a fire accelerant that no one needs to spend extra money on things to act as a fire accelerant. Before we hit the big list, I want to share a few important safety rules. But then, even less potent gasoline is better than no gasoline. 10 Tips for Building a Stockpile on a Budget For those not close to Mexico you can order non-narcotic medications from Yes, I am accusing you of slacking, albeit tongue in cheek. In a few years? I talked to 2 of my docs and mentioned disaster planning like the hurricanes, and how they could impact our area even if not directly, and they wrote the scripts I needed. In case of a nuclear exchange, how soon will it be safe to eat all these foods? Not sure how long, because I forget when I bought them. niio! People won’t want to waste battery power on a cordless drill when they can use a regular screwdriver. Clorox tells us that bleach properly stored is good for up to 1 year, unopened and that heat or extreme cold are the main problems with breakdown of the solution. It can also be used as a soil amendment even if you have a septic system and don’t need it for the pit toilet. If they attack, the house is toast, and the kerosine becomes a bomb. For folks on this list who are still in exile in the PDRK, one can buy Everclear in Nevada when you are over there enjoying whatever it is folks trek to Nevada for. We tend to stock paracord, which is excellent; but you might want some heavier rope as well. Zippo makes the highest quality, Ronson has a lot of impurities. Food is the second most important bartering item you can stockpile. Liquor is on many SHTF barter lists. They last for ages, but even if the expiration date has passed by the time you get to the bottom of the box, any condom is better than no condom. It’s still dangerous, tho. Tattler has reusable canning lids. You can purchase potassium iodide, often used in nuclear preparedness kits or just keep iodized salt or kelp tablets on hand. But if you’re going to cook on your barbecue grille, it would be a good idea to have cast-iron cookware on hand. Iodized salt in the U.S. is standardized @ 45 mcg (micrograms) of iodine per gram of salt. After that, bean storage is pretty easy. Got this, and thanks for posting it. It’s not the acid, it’s the sugar that is the preservative in jams/jellies. I had to use 4”x4” tubing for enough airflow to keep it burning but it works very well. I get most spices and so on from ameriherb. Work Gloves – This is one thing you don’t want to try sewing yourself. Very light welding (reattach wires), but they work. Experiment and see how few charcoal briquettes you actually need to cook. Fire Accelerants We have a creek on the property with pan fish, and while traditional gear (hooks & bobbers) are handy, post SHTF fishing could involve nets, traps, and electricity. Waterproof Matches niio, Good advise, except for the lighters. It’s amazing what one can do with a nibbler, files, and some time on your hands. niio, Actually for us, iodized salt and kelp tablets give us a more than adequate supply of iodine, since only 150 mcg (0.00015 gm) are required per day. WalMart, Hazleton, used to carry them. If goiter is a factor in your area (most areas with good rainfall will be deficient), then a drop of it (you can buy the clear for this) on the skin each day prevents it. You can order many non-narcotic medications here: Krakatoa stopped summer for two years, yet there are volcanoes far worse ready to blow, many overdue. Your ” credible sources” were 2 cigar aficionado sites. Wrapping the match from just below the tip to the other end with cotton butchers cord and then dipping the whole thing in paraffin gives you a waterproof, self lighting candle. I keep lots of Mylar bags, O2 absorbers and desiccant packages around for just this reason. Folks in the Tucson and Phoenix areas will, as well. If you happen to have chickens as we do, composted manure is a great nitrogen source. Offer too many good items too often and word will spread. I have a can of Ronsonol lighter fluid sitting in the garage that has a price sticker of 49¢ on it, so that will give you a clue how old it is. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Alcohol – Probably the best barter item there is. Precious metals and gems are mostly ornamental items with no intrinsic value to nomadic people or survivalists. For filtration search Amazon for: Gravity Water Filter Kit for DIY Purifier, Includes .2 Micron Ceramic Filter, Pre Filter, Dispenser, and Instructions by SHTFandGO . She still lost some each year, and kept plenty of rosemary on hand, in case something went wrong.

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